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Company description

Know Medical s.r.l. Established in Italy and founded in 1990, ISO 13485 Certified and CE certified, this year we doubled our productive area placing Know Medical on more than 5.000 sqm.
Know Medical is specialized in manufacturing Chemotherapy device for the oncology treatment, TPN Bags for parenteral nutrition and wound drainage with the renewed Serodrain® product lines including Bellows and the NEW High Vacuum Bottle for drainages innovative and unique in the world, all of these with the possibility to be supplied with redon catheter
We manufacture also Closed Circuit Urine bags from 2lt up to 14lt of capacity, and la large series of infusion and aspiration devices products.
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Via Guido Rossa, 36 - Zona Industriale Gerbolina
46019 Viadana (MN)
Phone: 0039-0375-781774
Fax: 0039-0375-785933

Cristina Minghetti

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hall: 07A - stand: 7ACO1


KNOW MEDICAL SRL | Wide range of Device
Know Medical has a wide range of devices for the infusion and the drainage including Bellows for vacuum aspiration, Flow regulators, Paracentesis and Thoracentesis kits, Huber needles with and without security system, TPN Bags for parenteral nutrition, Anesthesia needles (Tuohy and spinal needles) and procedural sets. Visit our website for more information.
KNOW MEDICAL SRL | Chemotherapy Devices
Know Medical has a wide range of chemotherapy devices for the preparation and the infusion of oncology drugs, We offer a whole closed circuit system, and in the last year we introduced the new microspike with the long intake to withdraw all the solution and the locking system on the vial improving the security of the reconstruction and the perfect dosage of the drug.
KNOW MEDICAL SRL | High Vacuum Drainage Bottle
Know Medical’s High vacuum drainage bottle has a new opening system unique in the world via a Breakable cone who advantage to the user: The use of a Breakable cone eliminate the usage of a sliding clamp, Guarantee the perfect passage of the fluids from the wound, avoiding the risk of collapse of the junction wall coming from the old system that use a slide clamp. In addition the withdrawal port allows to withdraw the drained liquid for analysis.

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