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Company description

AT-OS is an International leader in the design and production of washing and disinfecting machines for medical devices, stainless steel furniture for operating rooms and CSSD (sterilization department). The company has a certification management system according to EN ISO 13485, the quality standard for manufacturers of medical devices. AT-OS training center and showroom are always available for technical trainings, in order to keep a constant upgrading of the internal sources and of all international partners.


Viale del lavoro, 19
37030 Colognola Ai Colli (VR)
Phone: 0039-045-6159411
Fax: 0039-045-6159422

Chiara Rima

Exhibitions attended

hall: 12 - stand: 12D63

AT-OS SRL's Products

AT-OS SRL | Cabinets
Ventilated cabinet for endoscopes made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. Front doors with stainless steel frame and tempered glass surface with silicon edge seal. N. 3 vertical panels to store a total of 12 endoscopes. PLC system that ensures total traceability, keeping track of every detail of the storage process.
AT-OS SRL | Instruments washer disinfector
AT-OS instruments washer disinfectors have been developed to meet hygiene standards ISO Standard EN-ISO 15883-1/2. As a result of using the highest technologies, the AWD655 are developed to offer different models, suitable for the huge variety of instruments found in hospital departments, dental clinics, surgical and central sterilization rooms. The large choice of washing baskets allows the washing, disinfection and drying of the most sophisticated instruments.
AT-OS SRL | Bedpan washer disinfectors
Column floor mounted with plinth, wall or floor drain trap connection. Thermal disinfection with built-in steam generator. Manual or automatic opening. Available in different versions: stand-alone, wall-hung, built-in or under-counter.

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