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Company description

IAE was first founded in 1950 as manufacturer of high power electronic valves. The x-ray tubes production started in 1965, thanks to the already advanced technology in high vacuum and special metals. Later a major change a new ownership gave a strong impulse towards medical X-ray tube applications. Very soon the valves production was abandoned. From that moment, production efforts focused on rotating anode tubes for general purpose diagnostic systems. A key investment in people and resources, to develop more sophisticated technological applications, enabled IAE to start the production of CT tubes. A huge step forward in production capacity was reached in 2002: the new logistic and reloading station site opened, not far away from the historical headquarter. Furthermore, to assure the highest level of service within the French market, IAE opened IAE France, at Etampes, close to Paris. Nowadays IAE plays a key role on the international market, being the biggest standalone X-ray tube manufacturer in Europe for rotating anode tubes. Thanks to its wide range of products (more than 100 insert/housing different combinations) IAE is a strategic partner for the most important equipment manufacturers worldwide. With the addition of more than 30 different competitors' unit reloadings (all CE marked), IAE is sure to satisfy at the highest level the market of service: special application tubes (for monoblocks, mobile systems and C-arms), inserts and housings for medium and high duty radiological systems, inserts and housings for digital angiography and cardiac applications, complete units for mammography and inserts for CT scanners


Via Fabio Filzi, 53
20032 Cormano (MI)
Phone: 0039-02-66303255
Fax: 0039-02-6152544

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hall: 10 - stand: 10B73

IAE SPA's Products

A new compact lightweight housing, specifically designed for mobile equipment. A low weight, less than 8.5 kg, combined with compact dimensions, 116 mm diameter and 342 mm length, allows significant reductions in the equipment supporting structures. A range of tube inserts up to 54 kW peak radiographic power at high rotation speed is available for this unit.
IAE SPA | XK 1016 T
A non traditional, metal ceramic structure consented to divide by a factor two both the dimensions and the weight, compared to a standard mammographic unit, down to a lightweight 5.5 kg, and at the same time to increase the heat dissipation by a factor 4, obtained by an efficient air cooling. This high dissipation, combined with the light weight, makes it the ideal tube for high energy imaging techniques with moving X-ray source like tomosynthesis.
IAE SPA | C40 T 09
A Rotating anode X-Ray tube unit specifically designed for 80 mm anode diameter inserts, for radiographic and fluoro procedures.

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