synthetic surgical glues and their application devices

Company description

GEM S.r.l., Italian firm since 1994 produces and distributes worldwide synthetic glues: Glubran® 2 for Surgical and Endovascular use, Glubran Tiss® 2 for skin treatment and their application devices: Dispensing Tips , Catheters for laparoscopy, Spray Catheters devices in 5 models suitable for open and laparoscopic surgery, Luer lock syringes (1ml) without needle, Vascular Closure Device for femoral access. All CE marked.


Via dei Campi, 2
55049 Viareggio (LU)
Phone: 0039-0584-389784
Fax: 0039-0584-397904

Lodovico Branchetti

Exhibitions attended

hall: 06 - stand: 6C07

GEM SRL's Products

GEM SRL | Glubran® Tiss 2
Two component skin adhesive the safe and effective solution to treat skin wounds. Painless fast wound closure with excellent cosmetic results. Prevents infections, reduces trauma and inflammation. Efficacious even in patients with congenital coagulopathies.
GEM SRL | Application Devices
Disposable devices allows to apply Glubran 2 drop by drop and as a spray with a gas autonomous propulsion system, during laparoscopic and laparotomy surgical procedures to seal and reinforce sutures preventing leaks and fistulization, to obtain hemostatic action on large and small surfaces, to close femoral accesses.
GEM SRL | Glubran® 2
Synthetic surgical sealant, Class III CE marked: biodegradable, ready for use, high adhesive hemostatic properties, efficient antiseptic barrier against the most diffused infective or pathogenic agents. Quick polymerization, high tensile properties which guarantee strong adhesion to the tissues on which it was applied; not altered by aggressive organic liquids (i.e. bile). Indicated for open and laparoscopic surgery. As embolising agent in interventional radiology and neuroradiology.

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