dental implants, high precision machining, metal flexible gooseneck arms, port systems, titanium intramedullary nails screws

Company description

Carniaflex Hi-Mec. Since 2000 it manufactures with HIGH PRECISION MACHINING on customer's design, tiny high precision and complex mechanical PARTS and MICROCOMPONENTS, in Titanium for Medical Devices for Ortho -Trauma and Spine Surgery, Dental Implants, Implantable Venous Vascular Access Systems (fractures locking systems, intramedullary nails and screws, cortical, cancellous and cannulated screws, polyaxial head screws, micro components for maxillofacial surgery, multi threaded dental implants and angled abutments, surgical instruments). Carniaflex Flex & Stay. Since 1972 it develops, manufactures and sells all over the world "metal flexible gooseneck arms" from 4 to 27 mm thickness for Medical and technical Lights, microphones, variable positioning industrial brackets. FACILITIES: 10-axis high precison CNC turning (0,5-32mm dia.); 4/5-axis CNC precision milling; 5-axis 3D complex milling/turning (from 0,2mm); deep hole drilling, special CNC production lines and machineries


Via Nazionale, 8
33026 Paluzza (UD)
Phone: 0039-0433-775164
Fax: 0039-0433775856

Exhibitions attended

hall: 08B - stand: 8BM14


CARNIAFLEX SRL | Flexible metal gooseneck arms
" With logo "Flex & Stay", since 1972 Carniaflex develops, manufactures and sells all over the world “flexible metal gooseneck arms” for lamps, microphones and variable positioning industrial brackets. It can be bent into the desired position, which is then maintained without yield or vibration. It is made of a steel spring surrounded by an external covering in brass, aluminium or steel, in different external (from 4,0 to 25 mm) and internal diameters (from 1,5 to 16 mm)"
CARNIAFLEX SRL | Components in Titanium and Stainless Steel
"The high precision and complex components in Titanium and Stainless Steel, manufactured on customer’s project, are primarily destined for use in non-active implantable Medical Devices for Ortho –Trauma: they are parts of implant systems and accessories, components and parts for fractures locking systems, intramedullary nails and screws. The Precision machining includes 10-axis high precision CNC turning (0,5-32mm dia.) with 120bars high pressure hole drilling; 4/5-axis CNC precision milling; Deep hole drilling (max L=500mm, 150x hole dia)."
"Tiny high precision complex customized components in Titanium, are implantable venous vascular access systems, dental implants and angled abutments with complex geometries, cortical, cancellous cannulated and polyaxial head screews, surgical instruments, flexible biopsy forceps and retrievers components. The Precision machining includes 10-axis high precision CNC turning (0,5-32 mm dia.) with 120 bars high pressure hole drilling and 5-axis simultaneous 3D complex milling/turning (from 0,2 mm)"

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