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Company description

Al Ti Color was born in 2008 as leader company in titanium oxidation and has been working for the most important companies existing in the medical sector of international market.
Our experience made us able to join titanium oxidation processes with new cycles of surfaces finishing, this idea was born in order to satisfy also the most exigent markets with all their special requests.
Our treatments are very appreciated also in gold-working, high level manufacturing items, automotive, motorcyclist, aeronautical and mechanical sector more in general.
Initial technical consulting; cycles production personalization according to client’s specifications.
Each code produced will correspond to a specific cycle which will be used again for the next manufacturing. We also guarantee quality control and adequate packaging, historical archiving of the production documents.
All these services make Al Ti Color , certified ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 13485:2016, an excellent and reliable partner for companies which develop productions of any number.


Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 15/17
35016 Piazzola Sul Brenta (PD)
Phone: 0039-049-9076032
Fax: +39-049-9076032

Exhibitions attended

hall: 08B - stand: 8BM14

AL TI COLOR SRL's Products

AL TI COLOR SRL | Surface treatment of dental implants
Surface treatment of dental implants. Sandblasting and acid attack or double acid attack. Plasma washing and validated packaging in a clean room ISO7 class.
AL TI COLOR SRL | Colored titanium and aluminium oxidation
Colored, partial or total, shiny or sandblasted, titanium and aluminium oxidation. We work in a complete neutral environment respecting the biocompatibility of the treated material. Titanium oxidation Type II according to regulation AMS2488D in basic environment.

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