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Company description

Mopec Europe provides customised equipment and laboratory to the pathology, histology, necropsy, autopsy and mortuary industries. Mopec Europe’s solutions are among the very best as demonstrated by the vast number of installations toward top healthcare institutions and facilities.
Our design solutions and the relative modular systems, meet the latest technical-quality standards in order to offer smart solutions to complex problems. Our Company is staffed with experienced professionals, committed to providing your facility with quality products to improve your work environment.
The reputation which continues to grow worldwide, is built on decades of superior customer service, specialising in consultation and customisation. The manufactured equipment we produce includes grossing stations, cadaver storage products, anatomy dissection tables, trimming workstations, body lifts, post mortem and transport trolleys, autopsy tables (pedestal and wall mounted), as well as refrigeration solutions.


Via Tauzi, 8
83038 Montemiletto (AV)
Phone: 0039-0825-963263

Maurizio De Santis


MOPEC EUROPE | Morgue Refrigerators
End opening telescoping Morgue Refrigerators are designed with individual door openings. A telescoping mechanism fully supports the body tray. When the door is open and the end of the telescoping mechanism is fully extended, the tray is in full head-to-toe view. The cadaver can be removed alone or with the body tray. These refrigerators cells are constructed in AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
MOPEC EUROPE | Grossing Stations
This advanced piece of engineering is one of the most technologically advanced Grossing Stations available today. This unit combines paramount laboratory work space ventilation and a back-saving elevation feature. Designed with a work surface that elevates between 29.5″ – 41.5″ (74.9 cm – 105.4 cm); physicians and technicians of varying heights can find the most agreeable elevation to perform their duties without back strain. Complimenting this health benefit, Mopec Europe’s back draft ventilation system eliminates respiratory strain by directly ventilating the work surface
MOPEC EUROPE | L-Shaped Autopsy Table
The L-Shaped Autopsy Table with a pedestal design that includes all of the features necessary to perform an autopsy along with an added integrally constructed right or left wing. Unit includes standard downdraft ventilation system. A hydro-aspirator is conveniently located near the sink basin for ease in collection and/or disposal of fluids. The table has a large sink and is creased toward the center for complete drainage.

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